Sakura Media 2018 Rewind

Happy New Year Everyone! 

I hope your having a better day than I am! Dying of the flu, our entire house is suffering sadly, but we shall prevail! I've just spent the day playing Two Point Hospital, finally getting 3 stars instead of 1 if you've seen my lets plays, that's pretty impressive for me!

So 2018 huh, its been another quick year...They go so fast when you get older its not even funny.

My 2018 was quite a busy one, The first 4 months I was living in Ireland, working at a VR Education Studio, as we all know, I left that and came back to England to try and work full time on YouTube. 
I got 3 episodes of Lovesick done, 1 Halloween and 1 Christmas special as well as the rival introduction video.

I started on a few fan made videos featuring the likes of DVA and Pikachu, I also did two RWBY Tributes and a number of Sakura Announcements, including my first QA

A comic dub was recreated for Miraculous Ladybug and a new fan base joined our channel!

I also revealed my self as a Avatar for my Just Abby Gaming channel which was something I dreaded, but you all love us Yorkshire Lasses so it went down pretty well!

But most important of all we hit 100,000 Subscribers and I got my Silver Play Button! And currently I'm at 144,054 subscribers this New years eve so we are constantly growing!!!

Unfortunately though I did make a video about the end of Lovesick, and its still something I am mulling over, I won't have a final answer until the end of January I imagine. But I am still animating other things, I'm obsessed with animation so I'll never stop, but Lovesick is such a big project to work on. So I'm just having fun doing other things while I make my final decision. 

I'll be uploading another video in the next few weeks which I think a lot of you will really like, you've already seen a preview if you follow me on social media. 😉

I'm going to leave this blog here, I didn't want to do another lengthy post, but just share some of my highlights on YouTube with this video. I'm looking forward to doing more animations in the new year and seeing what happens. I hope you all have a lovely night celebrating and have a wonderful New Year!

Christmas Special

I've finally finished my Christmas special video for 2018!

I'm really happy with how this video turned out, it's one of those videos you can watch over and over again <3 I even showed it to my mum, who isn't a fan of Lovesick or Yandere Sim and she said she really likes it, she really shouldn't, but she does! Defiantly a winner!

So a lot of people have already guessed its a remake of Yandere Devs 'It's beginning to look a lot like Murder' cover he uploaded on his channel in 2015. I didn't just take the audio and animate to it though, I even got my lovely Ayano Voice Actor to sing the song! She did a great job!

I'll be uploading the video today for my patreons and it will go live on my channel for everyone else this Saturday 15th December!

The end of Lovesick?

So you've probably seen my latest video, if not I recommend you go watch it if you don't want to read this lengthily novel to understand whats happening. But if you do want to hear more from me explaining my current situation read on as I explain WHY Lovesick and Sakura Media might stop altogether.

To put it simply, I'm not making any money. In May 2018 I quit my Industry job and moved back into my parents house, I decided to try and do YouTube full time as Sakura Media, to try and make a living out of Lovesick and Animations on my channel. The money wasn't a big issue at this point because I figured I slowly start to make more as time went by. And I did! But it went down very quickly too, I need to have a good regular and RELIABLE income for me to continue doing this full time, but my animations take along time to do. They aren't videos I can upload at a weekly basis never mind a daily basis like most You Tubers do. Each Lovesick episode does do insanely well view wise, but they gradually increase over time so the money is very little and spread out over months.

I don't want this to sound like just in it for the money... But I'm 26 years old, I just moved out of my own house where I had a good income, to now move into my parents spare bedroom with a bit of pocket money every week. I have defiantly gone backwards.
But it was a risk I was willing to take to be able to animate my own videos for a living, I worked in the game industry for 3 years and every day at work I would think about what I could do for my own animations. I would get so frustrated at work and daydream about the possibilities, so when my YouTube channel started to get popular I jumped at the chance to make Lovesick a series that would start me on the road to doing this full time! It was exciting but also very scary.

All my work colleges at the time were egging me on and impressed with what I had accomplished in my spare time. But they didn't see how tired and ill I had made myself too. All they saw were the subscriber count going up, that's all anyone saw.
Monday to Friday I worked 8.30 till 6 on a computer and during the weekends I'd work practically all day working on Lovesick. I'd sit down at my computer in the morning and not leave till it was dark outside, so many times I hadn't even moved from my chair to eat and also realising I hadn't been up to use the toilet that entire time either...that was a weird one.
Now straight away that's obviously not healthy, I've gained a lot of weight this past year...which I don't really care about but I usually don't put on weight so it was a sign I've gone too far. Every night I had headaches because of looking at a screen all week and my hands were aching from repetitive strain, which I've always had issues with, but it got really bad.

I'm not trying to make you pity me, at the end of the day I don't regret working like that because it was my chance to work on my own series and that's all I want to do. People work on projects like this all the time, working themselves to the limit because they have so much passion for it. But all my hard work to create a video leaves it to then be uploaded onto YouTube. And YouTube hasn't been at its very best these past few years.
In the last few years YouTube has: (These were taken from another blog)
  • Decreased the percentage of ad-revenue for all creators.
  • Moved to a watch-time based monetisation, meaning shorter videos don't get served any premium ads.
  • Created THE ALGORITHM. Videos don't show up in searches as much as they used to. A lot of subscribers don't see videos in their feeds, again, mostly down to watch-time. The algorithm only cares about quantity, not quality.
  • Responded to the AD-POCALYPSE with crazy strict rules. Absolutely everything must be kid-friendly now. Lovesick content is 50% kid-friendly, for now. If I want to earn any money for future episodes I'll have to remove a lot of content.
  • Copy write is a huge worry for most of my work, if anything is seen as copy write in a video you'll make no money from it, which is upsetting because I want to recreate a lot of YouTube videos with animation.
  • Article 13 plays into copy write and even though I don't really understand it, if it goes into effect this might be the one thing that destroys Sakura Media completely
So for YouTube to be my only income, its not a very reliable one is it? It would be a little bit different if I was able to upload a video a lot more often, but that's literally not possible for animations. 
And its even harder with Lovesick because that's a big production, let me explain the process of making a lovesick video.
  • First I need to write up the script, this can take a few days as I need to research the game and think about all the rivals and how each decision will impact the story later on.
  • Then I send the scripts to my voice actors, I'll also need to find new ones if a new character has appeared. It will take a minimum of 2 weeks for them to send me back the lines, I've had to wait over a month for one voice actor before.
  • Next I have to listen to all the takes from each voice actor and ask for redos if needed and then I edit them into each scene. This can take a few days to get right.
  • I then take the audio and record myself in motion capture acting to each characters lines. This will only take a day to do.
  • Then I need to setup the scenes with the environment models, usually they are easy to find but sometimes I can't find a model to download and it takes awhile to find alternatives or approach a ripper to share theirs with me. This also goes for character models. If I need a new character I'll also have to rig them to use in my software, I don't use MMD like many of you think I do. All the models I find are built for MMD so I have to do a lot of editing and re exporting to  have them ready in my software.
  • Finally I can start animating, I add the mocap to my rigs and clean up the animation. Now this part can take awhile but it can also be very quick depending on the complexity of the scene and how many characters are involved. It also depends on the motion capture quality. I've gotten scenes done in one day but some scenes will take a week to animate because of all the extra characters and things just going wrong. Once the motions are animated for each character I have to animate their facial motions too. This usually takes a day per scene. 
  • Once all the animations are done I render out each scene, this can take a few hours. I then render out extra scenes that I use for transitions, Things I add in between each scene to break them up.
  • Into final production in after effects I setup all the renders and add any effects or transitions. Credits and intros are added and I render out the full animation. There's usually a few errors with syncing or a render has gone wrong so I'll have to redo this a few times
  • But once I have my final video I send it over to DigitalZombieStudios who add the sfx and music. This usually takes a few weeks. I have hardly ever asked for a redo, because hes just that good! 
  • Then I simply upload to YouTube! Easy right? 
So over a months worth of work, which I did estimate at the beginning and figured that would be possible when doing this full time, but things would get in the way, and its never as simple as you'd imagine. And in those moments where I was waiting for voice actors or other things I take that opportunity to work on other animations. Like the Miraculous Reveal or Rwby Animations. 
I'm not going to lie, I get bored with Lovesick, I'm not a HUGE fan of Yandere Simulator, I think the game is fun and the character development and backstory is interesting but the fandom behind it is insane and the drama...seriously?! Not for me.

So yea, I did get side tracked and worked on other things, which I stated in my video was a bad thing to do and was all my fault. If I had focused on Lovesick only I'd probably have 3 episodes done for the second season by now. But I figured the more episodes I could get out quickly other than Lovesick would help increase my income, but I was very wrong. But this whole thing has been a complete learning curve for me. I'm only just learning the 'ways of YouTube' And that thing changes every minute.

So now that I've explained my situation I need to think about my options for the future. I can't continue living at my parents house for much longer, so I need to get back onto a steady income and the only options I can see for my self are
  1. Stop YouTube, get a job in the games industry once more. 
  2. Continue YouTube for a few more months working solely on Lovesick and hope that my Patreon support can become more stable for me to rely on.
BUT Mid December I am starting a contract job with a games company for around 3 months worth of work, so this is a good opportunity for me to make some money to last a few months doing YouTube for a bit longer and it lets me try out industry work and YouTube work at the same time, to see if I can do both without making myself ill and overworked.

So With all of this in mind, I am thinking that by May 2019 I will have made my final decision. To continue YouTube or to Join the Games Industry once more.

For now I hope you don't unsubscribe to me in a fit of rage learning that Lovesick might not be finished. Please think about the fact that I am doing so much work completely alone and with very little reward. There are so many You Tubers out there who honestly do very little when it comes to content, they can record, edit and upload a video in a day. And they have hundreds of patreon support too! And animation channels on YouTube make very short and simple videos.
I haven't seen any other animation channel on YouTube who has made a series completely alone, with each video over 5 minutes (Series wise) and have good quality animations throughout.
Maybe I haven't seen one because it literally cant be done, not by relying on YouTube alone. 

I really want to continue doing YouTube, I've gained such a massive following in just over a year and I really enjoy doing my own animations over games industry work. But I really need to sort out whats best for me at this point and I hope you understand. I know a lot of people will have things to say about this, good and bad. But I'm one of those people who think, 'Its my life, I'm going to do whats best for me at the end of the day.' And I'm not going to change that way of thinking.

For now I hope you enjoy the Christmas Video I'll upload soon and I'll keep you informed about Lovesick Season two when I make my decision. Maybe something will change.

Thanks for reading this all the way through, I feel like I just made my own Yandere Blog, but less professional XD

-Sakura Media

Missed a few...

Hi! Sorry I left this blog for a few weeks. I was doing so well keeping up to date too!
So Since my last post I uploaded the Halloween episode and also the miraculous video! Its been doing pretty well considering most of my 'none lovesick' videos don't usually get many views :3

I also uploaded a rather random video of pikachu...just go watch it...

Lovesick wise I've almost finished...but I'm not sure whats going to happen in the next few weeks till Christmas. I'm going to explain why in a video soon. I'll be suing this blog to write up a more detailed explanation too, that's why I'm updating things now.

I'm also working on a Christmas special which should be out mid December and it looks amazing so far! Its a recreation of a video.

Planning Halloween

Today I finished my video for the Halloween Special

Unfortunately its not a 3D animation like last years Video 
I still love it! 

I worked with Innocently Creating on another 2D Animation and the video will be a time lapse of that animation. The end result is perfection! If your a patreon you can see the final animation on my Patreon Page right now, otherwise you'll have to wait till the 30th October!

I'm also going to be doing a Halloween special on my Just Abby Channel
I'll be playing Five Nights at Freddy's...

That I do not love.

Busy busy!

Well you haven't heard from me in awhile! But I've gotten lots done!

I spent a good few days going over my YouTube videos, adding cards and trying to improve descriptions etc. One big thing I did change was the Lovesick Episodes thumbnails!


I'm in love with these! Hopefully they are more click baity ;)

The Lovesick contest also finished! I had over 30 submissions to look over and it really made me happy to think people made these, not just for the contest, but showing their favourite moments, it made the series look so cool, even I got goosebumps! It was a very hard choice coming up with a winner! But I am very happy with this trailer and will be uploading it and a few runner up submissions on my channel in the next few hours.

I also bought a little glass box in real life to use with my patreons, more on that soon!

Unfortunately I haven't had much time to finish off the Miraculous Animation, I am rally going to try and get that done for next week. After that I can setup the audio for the 1st episode of Lovesick Season two!

Lovesick Season two In Progress!

I sent out the first script for season two of lovesick today!
I've been stuck for ideas on her elimination for awhile, but I think I've landed on a winner.

One thing I have noticed with this script is, its short. Which is a worry. 
There's pros and cons to short episodes

-Faster to make and upload
-Not waiting on as many voice actors to deliver lines

-Not very long which people have complained about
-Longer videos earn more revenue

Its hard because most people don't watch a video on YouTube that's longer than 10 mins unless its good ALL the way through. If you have even one short silence in a video people are more likely to click off, especially if there's an Ad Break.
But so many people comment that they want the episodes to be longer.

Id much rather keep them short personally, each rival will have 5 episodes so that's 10 x 5 = 50 
50 episodes + an extra rival (Maybe) and some extra specials....

That's a lot. 

Imagine how long that would take me, heck Osana might be out on Yansim before I finish this series!

I have lots of other things I want to do after Lovesick, but i have decided to get this done first, so I want to power though and get this series done. 

Sakura Media Video

This week I'm mostly working on freelance jobs, good way to earn money but it can eat up a lot of time fortunately.
I've also worked on a new Sakura video, this video will be about my new patreon I have set up. 
I'll explain the changes in another blog post once this video comes out. I had my lovely Voice Actor Innocently Creating read me a script and I mocap the movement for it. I'll spend another day cleaning up the animation and hopefully have it uploaded by this weekend.

I've also made progress with my Miraculous video, but because of this extra freelance work I doubt I'll get it finished this week. 

Lady Bug and Cat Noir!

That's right! I'm working on a very special Miraculous video next!

I've manged to find some good MMD models to work with, but I'm still trying to find some better. There's some areas on the models that are really noticeably wrong.
I'm going to do some mocap tomorrow and hopefully by next week it should be done! 

I'n not a HUGE fan of Miraculous, I've watched the first season and I really loved the animation and the relationship between Adrian and Marionette. So I'm really excited to work on this! 

RWBY Fan Video

I heard for the first time a song called 'Ready as I'll ever be' on YouTube from an animatic and it was stuck in my head all day. I later found out the song was from a Disney Series for Tangled which is a 2D Animation which I haven't watched but I'm very tempted to after hearing this song! 

When a song gets in my head, I usually come up with a video idea to go with it. And I decided a RWBY spin off for it would actually work really well! It fitted in with volume 4&5 of the show and with volume 6 coming out soon I figured it was perfect!

You can watch the video here

It's defiantly not my 'best' animation, I did this in literally 5 hours. I never like spending a lot of time on animation videos where I get copyright claims because of the music. But it was still a fun little project and listening to the song over and over again while I animated SHOULD have got it out of my head, but no. I'm still singing it in my head god damn good!

I'm thinking of doing a animation stream on YouTube this week some time, would any of you be interested in watching me animate? 

I'll also be uploading a new lets play that should be a lot more fun to watch on Just Abby channel, so look out for that :)


Its been a few days since my last post. So what have I been doing?
Mostly I've been trying to reorganise myself. I do this every other week...Its hard work being a freelancer. 
Mostly I've been working on Just Abby Channel. I'm trying to upload every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now on with a new Lets Play, I'm on my 5th Episode of Two Point Hospital! 

Now this might not interest many of you, but I've managed to get a much quicker turn around for these videos and quick uploads are worth it when it comes to YouTube. And I personally think I'm improving on editing the videos. Its fun.

Animation wise, I've been doing a very special Cut scene for a certain someone...My lips are sealed!

I've also started a little side collab with another Youtuber, It will take awhile to get the models ready, so I'll share images with you then.

So Nothing to show, but lots happening! 

100K Subscribers

We reached 100,000 subscribers on our YouTube Channel!

I made a little quick video for the occasion, Sakura literally blows up from the numbers 

Past few days I've been taking it easy, trying to reorganise myself and setup a plan for things I need to do per day. One thing I've been doing is more lets plays for Two Point Hospital, its a really fun game and my editing for the videos has gotten better, we also reached 500 subscribers on Just Abby channel so I must be doing something right!

This weekend I'm writing up some scripts and doing some more recordings, maybe with an old friend of mine too which should make for some funny content! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Lovesick Episode 5

And its up! Lovesick Episode 5! 
Osana is eliminated!!! 

Now I have a quite a few things to do before I work on the next episode. Trying out a few different videos and have quite a few freelance jobs to get done. So the next episode will be awhile. But at least Osana is done. I wanted to get her done before I focused on anything else.

For the rest of the day I'll be in the comment section <3  

Lets play #3

I've been waiting for a game to come out for a few months now and yesterday 30th August it finally came out, what was the game I hear you asking? Why Two Point Hospital of course!!
Now if your an old woman like me, you might have played or heard of Theme Hospital. It was released in 1997! Its 21 years old! Now I am really feeling old!

I was thrilled to hear that they were recreating it, and wow have they done an amazing job so far! I'm always worried when devs try to 'remaster' a game, in case they remove some key features of just totally revamp it hoping to make it popular from the previous franchise. But so far, they have kept all the good points and improved so many things! Well done.

I also made a Lets Play for it! And I'm pretty proud of a few things.
1. I recorded the play through, edited the footage and added my 3D Avatar all in one day. I did not think that was possible! 
2. My editing for the game was much better, taking notes when I watch my favourite YouTubers :D 
3. I planned ahead and recorded 3 episodes, I still need to edit them but I recorded the game play in advance which should make for quicker uploads! 

So a pat on the back for me I reckon! 

Here's a little trailer I am using to 'promote' my episode, but you can go watch the full episode on my Just Abby Channel ;)

Now I know most of you are not here to read about this channel, I'm well aware your dying for Lovesick Ep5. I'm waiting on one more thing I promise! 

An upload is ready.

Yep that's right! I'm almost ready to upload Lovesick Episode 5!
But don't forget its available to patreons 3 days in advance! But I will be uploading a trailer like usual so you can all prepare yourselves!

It took longer than planned because I was working on a trailer for my new show to add at the end of the episode, but plans changed as I've decided that series might not be the best show to recreate.
Unfortunately I'd probably get in some bother if I tried to recreate a Manhwa without the consent of the owner. I've tried to get in touch with them so we shall see. The trailer has been uploaded for my patreons as I didn't want it to go to waste. Its a shame, it was all ready to go and had some saucy scenes in it!!

For the next few days I'm going to be playing Two Point Hospital and record some lets plays as the game is released and I am dying to play it, shout out to all you who played the original Theme hospital back in the day!

Lovesick will be out for patreons by the end of the week and 3 days following for the public.

I'm so happy its finally done.

Lets Play #2

I spent the day editing a Raft lets play episode for Just Abby channel.

Its a lot of extra work to add your own 3D character as a webcam source, but I think its worth it.
And this time her facial expressions are MUCH better! They add a lot more character to her animations and reactions, its funny.

The final video will be uploaded in a couple of hours on Just Abby's YouTube Channel

New Story time Animation?

So, I've been watching a lot of 2D Animated videos on You-tube recently, my favourite being Sultan Sketches and Jaiden Animations. It really made me want to do my own, but 2D has never really been my thing, especially when it comes to drawing. But from my last posts you can obviously tell I've been drawing more, so I decided to give it a go!

My first video will be a 2-3 animation were I talk about Introverts and a certain thing I find difficult to do. Introvert videos were quite popular a few months back, but this is a topic that no one else has discussed, I don't think.  

In this very quick video you can see Abby's avatar, its very close to her actual appearance! It even has her actual tattoo on her arm! (There might be a new tattoo addition in the near future)

The facial animation still needs a little bit of work and I need to add blinking, but this was all drawn, setup and animated in a day and a first attempt, so I'm very happy with my progress.

It should be done by the weekend, but I won't be uploading anything until Lovesick Ep5 has been uploaded. Which may be another week or so. Unfortunately the sound designer is very busy.

This brings up a question, should I upload this 2D Animation to Sakura Media's Channel, or on my Just Abby channel?
I'd like to keep everything animation on Sakura Media, plus I have more subscribers to direct it too. But because it's 'Abby' talking I feel like it should go on her channel? 
Any thoughts?

Drawing and installing

So, computer is all setup and is now downloading all my software once again!
Its always nice to have a fresh computer to install and organise your stuff, but I literally did this a month ago so the moments gone...

While I wait, I drew some pictures!! I'm trying to draw my own character, and create my own style, but I am looking at a lot of reference images to start with, I haven't drawn manga in such along time, I need the help! But honestly I am so surprised at how well they came out. I always used to try drawing every now and then and just hated how it looked so I never continued. But these few attempts came out really nicely! 

It might not be something you've interested in seeing, but I'm very happy with how they came out so I wanted to share them. And there is a BIGGER reason for me drawing these, which will be revealed soon...

Now this first one is very close to my appearance too! Which some of you might find interesting <3


Well, my computer ended up needing a full reset. I have my files saved.
But I'll have to reinstall everything which honestly could take 2-3 days. So it's a bit of a hindrance BUT I could have lost everything so I'm lucky I guess.

I'm spending the weekend drawing, I got back into drawing while my computer died and I'd like to try doing some more.
I might post some drawings here or on my Instagram.

In other news. Monty brought me a present today... A dead baby bird half eaten. Why do cats think we would ever want that...thanks but no thanks.


Well, I had a nightmare of a day.
My computer decided to do a routine Windows update and that led to a bluescreen and no entry into my computer.
This is when we panic.

I think it was less than a month ago that I bought a brand NEW Computer because my other one died, but I managed to save everything just in time.

This time I was not prepared.
I spent over 3 hours typing out different commands, restarting numbeous amounts of times.

I have a friend who has built computers for years walking me step by step what to do. But everything was just coming up with a different error!

Luckily though, I got back in. All my files were still there, it was the luckiest day of my life. Now its still not fixed, I might never turn my computer off again. But I can save my stuff!

Thank the lord.

Seriously, amen.

Work Blog #8

So my weekend I ended up working once again, I planned to have friends over for drinks, but they bailed. So not left the house all week and weekend. Sometimes it sucks being an introvert because you hardly have any friends ¬¬

So Saturday I played Raft, got 1.20 hours recorded and will edit that for a lets play when I find the right time. It was fun, my Raft is looking much better!

Sunday I got on with some work, I'm trying to get a small teaser trailer done for the BL series, and I'm taking key moments out of the manga. I decided on the Ferris wheel scene, where they have their first kiss! I was going to motion capture this, but I started hand keying a little bit at the start and couldn't stop! Its looking good! 

The kissing scenes need work though, I'll have to adjust the models to fit better, as its going to be a MAJOR occurrence ;)

In the final scene there will be another person in the cart with them, major 3rd wheel XD
But for now lets focus on just these two <3

Can you tell I'm excited about this series?

Its done.

That's right, Lovesick Episode 5 is all animated! It's done!

SO! What happens now? Will it be uploaded now?

Sadly no. The next step is to hand my video over to Digital Zombie Studios, who create the sfx and music to make the episode sound amazing! Now this can take a few days to a week or so. So sadly, it will still be awhile, but trust me, its worth waiting for the sound to be added because it adds so much to the story and atmosphere!

The episode is around 7 minutes long, longer than recent ones. It will be about 10 minutes long  though, I'm adding a trailer at the end for Enrapture, so I'm working on that now. There's also going to be some fan art shown in the credits. 

I'm very happy with how this episode turn out and I can't wait to share it with you guys! 
And don't forget, its available 3 days in advance for my Patreons

Work Blog #7

Uploaded both my videos and so happy to see that people enjoyed them. Each video I post takes so much effort to make so it is really nice to read positive comments.

I also managed to get another scene done for Lovesick today, only one more scene to go!!!
And it is not looking good for Osana! 

Unfortunately I'm still waiting on a voice actor to send me her lines, I might have to find a replacement which will mean a lot of re-editing as I already have some of her lines in so to change actor means a lot of messing about and adjusting animation.

Lets Play

So, I have another channel I am working on too. A lets play channel: Just Abby.

I record myself playing some games, nothing fancy, so far. 

I'm planning on having my own Avatar in the screen. So far I hadn't figured out a QUICK way to get this done. But now I think I've come up with a way to get my avatar speaking and moving to the video and recording this very quickly!

You'll be able to this working in my next Just Abby upload, which should be up tomorrow.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the facial features working as well as I'd have hoped. BUT I think I already know away to fix this. Will take some time to fix though, so I just left it simple for my first one, see what people think :)

I might make a tutorial one day about how this was all done, cause its rather a lengthy procedure. 
But the end results make the video much more entertaining in my opinion! 

Also uploading another video on Sakura Media Channel tomorrow, not Lovesick I'm afraid.

Work Blog #6

So didn't do any of the fitness I have surprise there.

But I did get a very important scene done in Lovesick!!

This is something very special you wont see in the game

Very close to finishing now!

Planning ahead

Hope your all enjoying your weekend!

I just spent the day cleaning up and watching movies :)

I wasn't going to post an update today but while cleaning I was looking at my big white board I have that I write notes on.
And I decided to plan ahead, one thing I havnt managed to do is setup a schedule for my videos, it's impossible to do because I never know when things will be finished.

But planning is very important, so on my whiteboard I have created a weekly schedule, It includes a variety of different things new and old. I'm very excited to start!

Let's hope the workout scheduled in every day was a typo.

Work Blog #5

So I've almost finished my Sakura Announcement. Its much quicker to do these days with Iclone, A software that automatically animated facial morphs to a audio. Not the best quality wise, but good enough for these small videos.

I'll be uploading this video in the next few days, I try to make these ones a bit funnier rather than just news. So should be a good one :D

Its Friday today and I try not to work weekends, to give my hand a rest as I get repetitive strain :(

But knowing me I'll still work on something...I actually did a very quick animation at 1am last night, I just got inspired out of the blue to animate some Pokemon. Its given me a few ideas to animate after Lovesick. Its nice to do different things now and then, keeps me sane.

Have a good weekend everyone! 

Work Blog #4

I managed to finish scene 7 for Lovesick, I need one more line from the councillors VA though, been waiting awhile for her to get back to me ¬ ¬

BUT I can work on other things while I wait. I did my Mo-cap session, was hard to do because my cats were watching me intensely....It has lots of wires so they were amused ahaha

I was going to clean it up today to hopefully upload in the next few days, but I am feeling rather sick today, so I've decided I'm just going to play a bit of Raft and relax the rest of the day.

In other news, I've lost about 5 Patreons this week alone...That's not good. I'll be worrying about what I can do to improve my Patreon Reward system to hopefully get them back as its a huge loss for me.

Work Blog #3

Work Blog #3 
Today I did a quick recording for a Sakura announcement, and tomorrow I'll get the mocap suit out to animate to it.  Hopefully this video will be up by the weekend.

The rest of the day I carried on working on Lovesick, currently scene 7, where we are back in the Student Councillors room, but this time its not Ayano having a meeting...

This model is a really hard one to get the arms and hands looking nice pose wise. Its just rigged weirdly (And yes I did rig it) I just REALLY hate rigging ¬ ¬

I still need to polish a few things on this scene before rendering. I'll finish that off tomorrow.
I believe I only have 3-4 scenes left for this episode! Woohoo the end is in sight!

Thank god.

Day off

Not got any work done today, instead I met up with a friend for cinema and a meal. Went to go see the Incredibles 2!

Was brilliant! I had watched the first one a few days ago, and the graphics and model quality had improved massively.
The story was lacking a bit though.

Its basically the same as the first movie, one parent being a hero that gets in trouble and then the kids come help them.

I did like the new supers though, the portal girl was very cool.
And of course Edna, my sweet dear Edna, WHEN are you getting your own movie!?

[end of spoilers]
Back to work tomorrow! Only a few scenes left of Lovesick to animate before I hand it over to DigutalZombieStudios to add the music!

Work Blog #2

Monday, and already got a lot done! Who says Mondays are horrible!

[Lovesick Spoilers]

I'm animating a scene in Lovesick where you see the two Basu sisters come back to the classroom after losing something, and suddenly Osana is called into the student Council's office?

What could have happened?

Was a difficult scene to finish, I've also had to remove quite a large chunk to change the story slightly, so there's less to do, which means a quicker upload, but also means the video will be shorter. 

Its hard to decide whats best in this situation, people complain about the wait, and then complain its to short. XD

All I complain about is animating Osana's hair.....god those pigtails are way too long!! 


SO what’s this site about?

As the creator of Lovesick and other animations on our channel, it takes along time to get any work done! I’m sure you all agree, them uploads are very infrequent! But I am constantly working daily to get things done for this channel!

Therefore this site will be used to update you on my progress daily! Even if I don’t get any animation done in a day, I might just write a small blog about what I did instead, even if its a movie marathon or the first time I go for a jog! (Never going to happen)

Its just to keep you guys as up to date as possible! Because this is now my full time job!

You’ll mostly be seeing Lovesick updates as that is my main priority, but I’m also working on lots more stuff, from a chibi series to a boys love adaption.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts from now on and don’t forget to follow me on all my other social media!



Work Blog #1

So, what have I done today?

Today is Sunday, so I'd like to say I did something proactive or sociable and came off the computer, but no. I spent the day looking through MMD models to make some new characters for my upcoming series. The boy love series.

This series is still in VERY early development, but once Lovesick EP5 is uploaded I'll be trying to get this series up as soon as possible. So far I have a casting call receiving auditions and 6 scripts written up. The scripts were taken from the manga, this series is a manga adaption, the manga I am following is Totally Captivated 
I read this manga YEARS ago and I've reread it over 10 times at least! So yea I recommend! 

I always wanted this manga to be made into an anime, but no such thing. So why not make it an animation instead! ;)

And so today I spent a few hours looking through models editing and combining them together to make my two main characters. (These may be changed later)

Left is Mookyul and to the right Ewon 

I'm pretty happy with how these turned out, Mookyul especially looks very similar to that in the manga. I could have found more appropriate face models to make them look older, but each MMD model has facial animations built in, and these two models have lots of features, including tongues...Which I'll be needing. Side note, I also found a penis model... Not sure if ai will use it, but good to have on hand. 


I'm really looking forward to animating these two together, its going to be a lot of fun!

What do you think of the models so far? Have you read the manga? 

Leave a comment down below!