Well, I had a nightmare of a day.
My computer decided to do a routine Windows update and that led to a bluescreen and no entry into my computer.
This is when we panic.

I think it was less than a month ago that I bought a brand NEW Computer because my other one died, but I managed to save everything just in time.

This time I was not prepared.
I spent over 3 hours typing out different commands, restarting numbeous amounts of times.

I have a friend who has built computers for years walking me step by step what to do. But everything was just coming up with a different error!

Luckily though, I got back in. All my files were still there, it was the luckiest day of my life. Now its still not fixed, I might never turn my computer off again. But I can save my stuff!

Thank the lord.

Seriously, amen.

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