Drawing and installing

So, computer is all setup and is now downloading all my software once again!
Its always nice to have a fresh computer to install and organise your stuff, but I literally did this a month ago so the moments gone...

While I wait, I drew some pictures!! I'm trying to draw my own character, and create my own style, but I am looking at a lot of reference images to start with, I haven't drawn manga in such along time, I need the help! But honestly I am so surprised at how well they came out. I always used to try drawing every now and then and just hated how it looked so I never continued. But these few attempts came out really nicely! 

It might not be something you've interested in seeing, but I'm very happy with how they came out so I wanted to share them. And there is a BIGGER reason for me drawing these, which will be revealed soon...

Now this first one is very close to my appearance too! Which some of you might find interesting <3

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