Lets Play

So, I have another channel I am working on too. A lets play channel: Just Abby.

I record myself playing some games, nothing fancy, so far. 

I'm planning on having my own Avatar in the screen. So far I hadn't figured out a QUICK way to get this done. But now I think I've come up with a way to get my avatar speaking and moving to the video and recording this very quickly!

You'll be able to this working in my next Just Abby upload, which should be up tomorrow.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the facial features working as well as I'd have hoped. BUT I think I already know away to fix this. Will take some time to fix though, so I just left it simple for my first one, see what people think :)

I might make a tutorial one day about how this was all done, cause its rather a lengthy procedure. 
But the end results make the video much more entertaining in my opinion! 

Also uploading another video on Sakura Media Channel tomorrow, not Lovesick I'm afraid.

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