New Story time Animation?

So, I've been watching a lot of 2D Animated videos on You-tube recently, my favourite being Sultan Sketches and Jaiden Animations. It really made me want to do my own, but 2D has never really been my thing, especially when it comes to drawing. But from my last posts you can obviously tell I've been drawing more, so I decided to give it a go!

My first video will be a 2-3 animation were I talk about Introverts and a certain thing I find difficult to do. Introvert videos were quite popular a few months back, but this is a topic that no one else has discussed, I don't think.  

In this very quick video you can see Abby's avatar, its very close to her actual appearance! It even has her actual tattoo on her arm! (There might be a new tattoo addition in the near future)

The facial animation still needs a little bit of work and I need to add blinking, but this was all drawn, setup and animated in a day and a first attempt, so I'm very happy with my progress.

It should be done by the weekend, but I won't be uploading anything until Lovesick Ep5 has been uploaded. Which may be another week or so. Unfortunately the sound designer is very busy.

This brings up a question, should I upload this 2D Animation to Sakura Media's Channel, or on my Just Abby channel?
I'd like to keep everything animation on Sakura Media, plus I have more subscribers to direct it too. But because it's 'Abby' talking I feel like it should go on her channel? 
Any thoughts?

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