Work Blog #3

Work Blog #3 
Today I did a quick recording for a Sakura announcement, and tomorrow I'll get the mocap suit out to animate to it.  Hopefully this video will be up by the weekend.

The rest of the day I carried on working on Lovesick, currently scene 7, where we are back in the Student Councillors room, but this time its not Ayano having a meeting...

This model is a really hard one to get the arms and hands looking nice pose wise. Its just rigged weirdly (And yes I did rig it) I just REALLY hate rigging ¬ ¬

I still need to polish a few things on this scene before rendering. I'll finish that off tomorrow.
I believe I only have 3-4 scenes left for this episode! Woohoo the end is in sight!

Thank god.

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