Work Blog #8

So my weekend I ended up working once again, I planned to have friends over for drinks, but they bailed. So not left the house all week and weekend. Sometimes it sucks being an introvert because you hardly have any friends ¬¬

So Saturday I played Raft, got 1.20 hours recorded and will edit that for a lets play when I find the right time. It was fun, my Raft is looking much better!

Sunday I got on with some work, I'm trying to get a small teaser trailer done for the BL series, and I'm taking key moments out of the manga. I decided on the Ferris wheel scene, where they have their first kiss! I was going to motion capture this, but I started hand keying a little bit at the start and couldn't stop! Its looking good! 

The kissing scenes need work though, I'll have to adjust the models to fit better, as its going to be a MAJOR occurrence ;)

In the final scene there will be another person in the cart with them, major 3rd wheel XD
But for now lets focus on just these two <3

Can you tell I'm excited about this series?

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