Sakura Media Video

This week I'm mostly working on freelance jobs, good way to earn money but it can eat up a lot of time fortunately.
I've also worked on a new Sakura video, this video will be about my new patreon I have set up. 
I'll explain the changes in another blog post once this video comes out. I had my lovely Voice Actor Innocently Creating read me a script and I mocap the movement for it. I'll spend another day cleaning up the animation and hopefully have it uploaded by this weekend.

I've also made progress with my Miraculous video, but because of this extra freelance work I doubt I'll get it finished this week. 

Lady Bug and Cat Noir!

That's right! I'm working on a very special Miraculous video next!

I've manged to find some good MMD models to work with, but I'm still trying to find some better. There's some areas on the models that are really noticeably wrong.
I'm going to do some mocap tomorrow and hopefully by next week it should be done! 

I'n not a HUGE fan of Miraculous, I've watched the first season and I really loved the animation and the relationship between Adrian and Marionette. So I'm really excited to work on this! 

RWBY Fan Video

I heard for the first time a song called 'Ready as I'll ever be' on YouTube from an animatic and it was stuck in my head all day. I later found out the song was from a Disney Series for Tangled which is a 2D Animation which I haven't watched but I'm very tempted to after hearing this song! 

When a song gets in my head, I usually come up with a video idea to go with it. And I decided a RWBY spin off for it would actually work really well! It fitted in with volume 4&5 of the show and with volume 6 coming out soon I figured it was perfect!

You can watch the video here

It's defiantly not my 'best' animation, I did this in literally 5 hours. I never like spending a lot of time on animation videos where I get copyright claims because of the music. But it was still a fun little project and listening to the song over and over again while I animated SHOULD have got it out of my head, but no. I'm still singing it in my head god damn good!

I'm thinking of doing a animation stream on YouTube this week some time, would any of you be interested in watching me animate? 

I'll also be uploading a new lets play that should be a lot more fun to watch on Just Abby channel, so look out for that :)


Its been a few days since my last post. So what have I been doing?
Mostly I've been trying to reorganise myself. I do this every other week...Its hard work being a freelancer. 
Mostly I've been working on Just Abby Channel. I'm trying to upload every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now on with a new Lets Play, I'm on my 5th Episode of Two Point Hospital! 

Now this might not interest many of you, but I've managed to get a much quicker turn around for these videos and quick uploads are worth it when it comes to YouTube. And I personally think I'm improving on editing the videos. Its fun.

Animation wise, I've been doing a very special Cut scene for a certain someone...My lips are sealed!

I've also started a little side collab with another Youtuber, It will take awhile to get the models ready, so I'll share images with you then.

So Nothing to show, but lots happening! 

100K Subscribers

We reached 100,000 subscribers on our YouTube Channel!

I made a little quick video for the occasion, Sakura literally blows up from the numbers 

Past few days I've been taking it easy, trying to reorganise myself and setup a plan for things I need to do per day. One thing I've been doing is more lets plays for Two Point Hospital, its a really fun game and my editing for the videos has gotten better, we also reached 500 subscribers on Just Abby channel so I must be doing something right!

This weekend I'm writing up some scripts and doing some more recordings, maybe with an old friend of mine too which should make for some funny content! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Lovesick Episode 5

And its up! Lovesick Episode 5! 
Osana is eliminated!!! 

Now I have a quite a few things to do before I work on the next episode. Trying out a few different videos and have quite a few freelance jobs to get done. So the next episode will be awhile. But at least Osana is done. I wanted to get her done before I focused on anything else.

For the rest of the day I'll be in the comment section <3