Its been a few days since my last post. So what have I been doing?
Mostly I've been trying to reorganise myself. I do this every other week...Its hard work being a freelancer. 
Mostly I've been working on Just Abby Channel. I'm trying to upload every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now on with a new Lets Play, I'm on my 5th Episode of Two Point Hospital! 

Now this might not interest many of you, but I've managed to get a much quicker turn around for these videos and quick uploads are worth it when it comes to YouTube. And I personally think I'm improving on editing the videos. Its fun.

Animation wise, I've been doing a very special Cut scene for a certain someone...My lips are sealed!

I've also started a little side collab with another Youtuber, It will take awhile to get the models ready, so I'll share images with you then.

So Nothing to show, but lots happening! 

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