RWBY Fan Video

I heard for the first time a song called 'Ready as I'll ever be' on YouTube from an animatic and it was stuck in my head all day. I later found out the song was from a Disney Series for Tangled which is a 2D Animation which I haven't watched but I'm very tempted to after hearing this song! 

When a song gets in my head, I usually come up with a video idea to go with it. And I decided a RWBY spin off for it would actually work really well! It fitted in with volume 4&5 of the show and with volume 6 coming out soon I figured it was perfect!

You can watch the video here

It's defiantly not my 'best' animation, I did this in literally 5 hours. I never like spending a lot of time on animation videos where I get copyright claims because of the music. But it was still a fun little project and listening to the song over and over again while I animated SHOULD have got it out of my head, but no. I'm still singing it in my head god damn good!

I'm thinking of doing a animation stream on YouTube this week some time, would any of you be interested in watching me animate? 

I'll also be uploading a new lets play that should be a lot more fun to watch on Just Abby channel, so look out for that :)

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