Lovesick Season two In Progress!

I sent out the first script for season two of lovesick today!
I've been stuck for ideas on her elimination for awhile, but I think I've landed on a winner.

One thing I have noticed with this script is, its short. Which is a worry. 
There's pros and cons to short episodes

-Faster to make and upload
-Not waiting on as many voice actors to deliver lines

-Not very long which people have complained about
-Longer videos earn more revenue

Its hard because most people don't watch a video on YouTube that's longer than 10 mins unless its good ALL the way through. If you have even one short silence in a video people are more likely to click off, especially if there's an Ad Break.
But so many people comment that they want the episodes to be longer.

Id much rather keep them short personally, each rival will have 5 episodes so that's 10 x 5 = 50 
50 episodes + an extra rival (Maybe) and some extra specials....

That's a lot. 

Imagine how long that would take me, heck Osana might be out on Yansim before I finish this series!

I have lots of other things I want to do after Lovesick, but i have decided to get this done first, so I want to power though and get this series done. 

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