Sakura Media 2018 Rewind

Happy New Year Everyone! 

I hope your having a better day than I am! Dying of the flu, our entire house is suffering sadly, but we shall prevail! I've just spent the day playing Two Point Hospital, finally getting 3 stars instead of 1 if you've seen my lets plays, that's pretty impressive for me!

So 2018 huh, its been another quick year...They go so fast when you get older its not even funny.

My 2018 was quite a busy one, The first 4 months I was living in Ireland, working at a VR Education Studio, as we all know, I left that and came back to England to try and work full time on YouTube. 
I got 3 episodes of Lovesick done, 1 Halloween and 1 Christmas special as well as the rival introduction video.

I started on a few fan made videos featuring the likes of DVA and Pikachu, I also did two RWBY Tributes and a number of Sakura Announcements, including my first QA

A comic dub was recreated for Miraculous Ladybug and a new fan base joined our channel!

I also revealed my self as a Avatar for my Just Abby Gaming channel which was something I dreaded, but you all love us Yorkshire Lasses so it went down pretty well!

But most important of all we hit 100,000 Subscribers and I got my Silver Play Button! And currently I'm at 144,054 subscribers this New years eve so we are constantly growing!!!

Unfortunately though I did make a video about the end of Lovesick, and its still something I am mulling over, I won't have a final answer until the end of January I imagine. But I am still animating other things, I'm obsessed with animation so I'll never stop, but Lovesick is such a big project to work on. So I'm just having fun doing other things while I make my final decision. 

I'll be uploading another video in the next few weeks which I think a lot of you will really like, you've already seen a preview if you follow me on social media. 😉

I'm going to leave this blog here, I didn't want to do another lengthy post, but just share some of my highlights on YouTube with this video. I'm looking forward to doing more animations in the new year and seeing what happens. I hope you all have a lovely night celebrating and have a wonderful New Year!

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