Sakura Media Update

Hey guys!

Just a little update, I'm currently applying for full-time industry jobs so Sakura Media might get a bit quiet from here on out.

BUT I have decided to release ep6 of Lovesick, it will still be awhile, but I want to upload it seeing as my voice actors did an amazing job.

That should be the next video I upload.
After that I'm going to setup the next episode script, and I'll just be working on it when I can. It will take along time, but its something I want to finish.

I'll also be doing smaller fan animations like comic dubs and anything else that might take my fancy. I'm just going to be doing what I want from now on as this is no longer my main job.

I will be posting more let's plays on my Just Abby channel from now on too.
After episode 6 of Lovesick I'll make an official video explaining everything. ❤️